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Investment (BvvK)

The Investment Committee (BvvK) is for financial economists who like kicking some ass on the stock market.

The name says it all, this committee is all about investing. It started out as a group of friends who were interested in the action on the stock market. From the founders few to none are active anymore, but their tasks have been taken over by new members who are just as enthusiastic and interested as they once were. At this point in time, the BvvK has a total of 21 members and a few participants.

So far you probably don’t have a clue as to what it is we actually do. How do we invest? Is it real money we are investing with? Can I earn some money here? Each Monday we meet, enjoying some well-earned affairs such as a beer or a soda. During these meetings the members will keep each other posted on the development in the sectors that were assigned to them. Based on this news we propose to sell or buy stocks. Whether these proposals are accepted is of course decided democratically. Our capital is supplied by ourselves, which means that we can keep any profits we make.

If you want to know more or want to visit one of our meetings, feel free to ask at the ECU’92.


Chair Diederik Koopman
Vice-Chair Casper Kemperman
Treasurer/External affairs Tiemen Straver
Treasurer/External affairs Joachim de Prie
Senior Investor Bram Verbaas
Co. from the Board Larissa Bruin



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