History of

ECU’92 was founded in the academic year of 1991-1992. Over the years, it has developed into one of the largest study associations in Utrecht.

In the academic year of 1991/1992, the faculties of social geography and economics set up an Economics project in Utrecht. To connect students from different faculties with an interest in economics, an association was started. Ellis Elting, Marcel van Haasteren and Pepijn Nicolas founded Economie Combinatie Utrecht 1992 on the 24th of March in the Bondsraadzaal of the National Labour Union Museum in Amsterdam. Over the years, ECU’92 became one of the largest associations in Utrecht. Furthermore, it became an active, pleasant and vivid study association for all economics students of Utrecht University.

Utrecht University started an independent Economics bachelor program in the year 2000. The establishment of the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) led to a large increase in the number of ECU’92 members. What started as a group of friends with a common interest, evolved to a professional organization playing an important role in the life and career of many students. With the introduction of the English taught bachelor program, ECU’92 became an internationally oriented association. The bilingualism within the association is one of the features which makes ECU’92 special among all study associations in the Netherlands. Another factor which strongly changed the association, was the restructuring and expansion of Master programs at U.S.E.. Due to this change, ECU’92 is shifting its focus more towards the master students. Currently ECU’92 has more than 1700 members of which about 120 members are active in committees or communities.

Former Boards

Over the years, multiple Executive Boards have been heading the association. We thank them all for their effort and time invested.

The 32nd Board

Matthijs Molendijk – Chair
Olimpia Ariani Mauduit – Secretary
Michal Ponganis- Treasurer
Annick Dietz – Coordinator of Internal Affairs
Nina Begiashvili – Coordinator of External Affairs
Pola Marcinczak – Coordinator of Educational Affairs