For Companies

This page offers you some information about our association and how you can get involved as a company.

Our goal: Career Orientation

One of our goals is to provide our members with (early) career orientation during their studies. In order to achieve this we are actively searching for possible future employers for our members. Therefore we are always open get in contact with companies that offer starters positions, traineeships, internships, side jobs or any other trainings that can be beneficial to students’ future careers.

International Companies
Approximately 40% of our students has an international background. Therefore, our goal is to also offer international career opportunities. We are sternly looking for companies that have offices or projects located in other countries of the world or companies that offer job opportunities in the Netherlands, but who are hiring international students.

If you are from or know a company that could provide any possible opportunities to our members, please contact our Coordinator of External Affairs!

Coordinator of External Affairs 2023-2024:

Teo Moy
+33 637943897

What can ECU’92 do for you

ECU’92 offers on- and offline promotion opportunities and the possibility to meet our members on career events.


  • Direct Mailing
  • Facebook Post
  • LinkedIn Post
  • Instagram Post
  • Company Profile on the Website
  • Placing Vacancies on the Website
  • Business Newsletter (4x per year)

Personal Contact:

  • Career Day
  • Conference
  • Inhouseday
  • Recruitment Dinner
  • London Business Experience
  • Talent Pool
  • Lunches/Drinks

The two main yearly returning career events of our study association are the Economic Career Day Utrecht and the Economic Conference Utrecht.

Economic Career Day Utrecht:
The Economic Career Day Utrecht is the biggest career event of ECU’92. For students this day is the perfect chance to explore future career opportunities. Through presentations, workshops, individual talks and company markets companies can present themselves to our students. The latest edition took place at November 19, 2020. It was the first time that the event was fully online. More information on the 2021 Edition will follow.

Economic Conference Utrecht:
One of the most prestigious events of ECU’92 is the annual Economic Conference Utrecht. This  inspiring day has attracted interesting speakers such as dr. Jan Peter Balkenende, Neelie Kroes and Vincent van den Boogert. The Conference took place in the beautiful Jacobi church (2018) and Tivoli Vredenburg (2020). Save the date for 2021’s edition: February 17.

Partnership Package

For companies that want to be closely connected to our association, we offer the partnership package. Partners of ECU’92 enjoy several benefits:

  • Regular meetings with the Coordinator of External Affairs to discuss the upcoming events.
  • Online exposure on our website, with a logo on the front page and a personal company page.
  • Unlimited vacancy posts.
  • Article post in the Business Newsletter, that is sent to all members 4 times a year.
  • The possibility to organise a training for the International Talent Pool.

If you would like to learn more, contact the Coordinator of External Affairs:

Teo Moy
+33 637943897