Economic Career Day

Students do not always know where their future lies. In order to help them orient themselves on the labor market and make informed decisions for their future career, we, the study association ECU’92, annually host the Economic Career Day Utrecht.

Participation in the Economic Career Day Utrecht is a wonderful opportunity to bring your company and employment options to the attention of motivated and talented students. It is the ideal place to offer internships, traineeships, side-jobs or starting positions. By attending the Career Day you put your company on the radar of the students of Utrecht School of Economics (USE).

The Day consists of the chain of presentations and workshops. Students indicate their preferred companies beforehand, which guaranteed interest of attending students. At noon, lunch will be provided and we will dedicate 1.5 hours to the company market, during which companies and students can network freely. After the company market we continue with the second part of workshops and presentations, and close the day off with drinks.

Attending Companies 2023


ING is a global bank with a strong European base. Our 57,000 employees serve around 38 million customers, corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries. Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business
Make it your job
Not ready to graduate but interested in really getting to know what it’s like to work at ING? Start a work-along internship in one of our domains to build a network and learn while you finish your studies.
Graduated? Start your career in one of our starter positions or in our International Talent Programme (Traineeship). The traineeship gives you the opportunity to get to know ING through 3 rotations, you can even do a rotation abroad if you like. Popular tracks among Economic students are: Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Business Banking, Finance, Operations & Change and Risk.

See you there!


BDO is the leading provider of professional services within the mid-tier of our profession. Our
91K+ professionals continuously transform our approach by embracing future-oriented
technology and focusing on quality. Strategic decisions and investments made in recent years
have further equipped the organisation with the global infrastructure and innovative solutions
needed to deliver long-term value for our clients.


Just graduated or graduating soon? Launch your career!
Our traineeship gives you the chance to discover what makes your heart beat that little bit faster. We will introduce you to a whole range of pathways in the business sector from HR to Sales, Marketing, Finance and Logistics. At the same time, we work on developing your IT knowledge and Soft Skills.
Bart Hoorneman is Soft Skill trainer and Recruiter at iTrainee, where he has already trained dozens of young, talented people for a career as SAP consultants. In this workshop Bart will learn you more about assertive behavior. Covered in this workshop are questions like: How do you set your boundaries? How do you become more proactive? Where do you have influence and where not? What are my limiting beliefs and how do I let them go?
Are you ready to challenge yourself during this workshop?


Luxembourg For Finance represents the ministry of Finance of Luxembourg. Learn all about how and why you should consider becoming a working professional in Luxembourg.


Exellys is a Talent Incubator. We match ambitious companies with the finest talent. Are you ready to drive the innovations of tomorrow? Ready to make an impact and become a future-fit digital leader?


Find out what your next step in finance will be! We’ll show you what a traineeship is,
why it can be a great start of your career and what kinds of projects we offer. See
you there!


BDO is the place to truly excel in your profession. With 26,000 professionals, BDO is large enough to provide opportunities and small enough to create them. Working at BDO means:
A lot of freedom and responsibility, with early client interaction.
A diverse client portfolio right from day one, rather than just one client as in other firms.
Being part of a team with experienced colleagues from day one.
Receiving excellent guidance to become a well-rounded financial professional.
Pursuing your RA or AA certification alongside your work on a part-time basis.


We are a global brand that was established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2000. Today,
Rituals operates in more than 1000 stores, 2700 shop-in-shops across 33 countries throughout
Europe, Asia, the Middle East, as well as North and South America. Rituals is an
omnichannel brand that operates within Retail, Wholesale, E-com and Travel Retail.

Ministry of Finance

Working at the Ministry of Finance as an economist involves shaping economic policies, data analysis, teamwork, budgeting, and making impactful decisions for a nation’s well-being.

Economic Career Day x CV-photobooth
Do you still have a selfie or vacation photo on your resume? You can’t get away with that at your
future employer! That is why we have joined forces with On Thursday, November 23th,
between 09:30 AM and 14:00 PM, you can have your professional picture taken during the
Economic Career Day.
Want to skip the line? Create a free profile on in advance! Sign up quickly via this link,
and we’ll see you there!


KPMG provides audit, tax and advisory services to many of the world’s leading organizations. KPMG is one of the world’s leading professional services firms

Van Lanschot Kempen

Together we can map out what really matters to you. For yourself, your family, your environment, your company or organisation. We continually strive to find new ways to realize the best solutions so that you reach your goals, regardless of whether you are a private, institutional or corporate customer.

Schedule of the day 2023

What company should I sign up for?

Workshops Text:

INGCurious to learn more about the ING Financial Markets department? During the case we will walk you step by step through the mechanics around Interest Rate Risk Management. You will gain a solid understanding on Interest Rate Swaps and Interest Rate Caps?. Following this, you will have the opportunity to work on a scenario analysis to derive the all in interest rate costs when situation A or situation B unfolds given certain hedging opportunities

Van Lanschot Kempen: At the Utrecht Economic Career Day, you will get to meet our Corporate Finance team. Here, you will be introduced to the Investment Bank through a Mergers & Acquisition Case.

Ministry Of Finance: For Dutch speakers, you will be lead through the entire process of policy creation and implementation. You will learn the key skills that government institutions use to make policy into reality.


Bol: Opportunities for working with BOL as a project manager and the career paths possible for economics students/finance/business 

Rituals: During this presentation, we will share more about our company culture and possibilities for starters. The main goal of the presentation is to give an insight in our company, what a day at the office looks like.

Luxembourg For Finance: Luxembourg for Finance is an agency to promote and development Luxembourg’s Financial Centre. Discover the vast number of opportunities and reasons to work in Luxembourg. Learning the steps as an EU or non-EU student to get a high-paying job in Luxembourg, could be critical for introduction to EU labor market.

BDO: BDO is an international organization with strong regional involvement. This combination is unique. No matter where you live, we are always just around the corner. Eager to kickstart your career at the best office for you? 

Fincade: Find out what your next step in finance will be! We’ll show you what a traineeship is

why it can be a great start of your career and what kinds of projects we offer. See you there!

Itrainee: Diploma op zak, en nu? Weet jij al wat jouw volgende stap gaat zijn? Doorleren of meteen aan de slag? Je kunt ook kiezen voor het beste van beide werelden!  Kies voor doorgroeien. Kies voor jezelf blijven ontwikkelen. Kies voor het traineeship bij iTrainee!

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In order to participate in the Economic Career Day Utrecht, please fill out the form below.

Please keep in mind that indicating your preference does not guarantee you a spot at a presentation or a workshop. Students will be allocated to presentations based on availability on a first come first served basis. For workshops, companies select their preferred group of student. Providing the CV is required only if you wish to attend a workshop.

Additionally, a photo booth for taking professional LinkedIn pictures will be set up during the Company Market, by one of the attending companies,

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