Young Talent Data Expert

Here you can place some intro text or the post summary.Do you want to know the story behind large amounts of data? Do you see that data is at the core  of the current financial system? In that case, the position of Data Expert in the Young Talent Program is a perfect fit for you! Introduction of the article is one of the most important things to keep your visitors reading.

As a Data Expert you will develop yourself technically by collecting, understanding and analyzing patterns in large financial datasets. In addition to a challenging position as a data expert, the Young Talent Program also offers you a personalized program in which you will learn both the technical and soft-skills required to develop yourself into an authentic high-end professional.

What does your work as a Data Expert look like?

Your responsibilities will include collecting, interpreting and processing large datasets. You often have to research and edit the sources of this data yourself, by using SQL, SAS and/or Python. You select the relevant variables, edit the data and apply the business rules. Your day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Discussing data requirements for different quantitative models;
  • Making an inventory of the relevant databases within the bank and gaining access to them;
  • Combining tables (merging/linking) and aggregating data in SQL, SAS and/or Python;
  • Devising and applying data quality analyzes (e.g., identifying trends over time, missing values, and extreme values);
  • Visualize data by means of interactive dashboards;
  • Investigating the plausibility of the new data;
  • Documenting the data sourcing process and descriptive statistics whilst discussing this with the business units.

Furthermore, you will be the main point of contact for different stakeholders to whom you may share the insights from your analysis who would like to understand the data as well as you do. The specifics of your work duties will be fine-tuned, and are dependent on what type of financial institution you will be employed at, either a bank, insurer or asset manager.

Our vision

Our Young Talent Program has been developed to train the next generation of leaders and professionals within the financial industry. At Mploy Associates we challenge you to develop your technical knowledge and soft skills within 24 months.

Four days a week you will be at one of our partnering firms within the financial industry in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague and one day a week you are challenged in-house at Mploy Associates. On this day you will follow your personalized Young Talent Program. In 24 months we will prepare you for the next career step as a high-end professional at the bank or insurer. As a Young Talent at Mploy Associates you will be challenged from the start, you will be required to understand and complete complex assignments to excel at.

In addition to focusing on your career and ambitions, we also believe that making a social contribution is important. That is why we invite you to participate in two pro bono projects at NGO’s together with your Young Talent Team at the end of the year.

Coaching and training

Your personalized Young Talent Program will be under joint supervision of Mploy Associates and our client. On day one, you and your Talent Manager from Mploy Associates collaborate to set out your goals in a personalized plan of approach. In close cooperation with the manager at the bank or insurer, we personalize your 10 modules of the Young Talent Program to ensure that all facets of your personal development and technical knowledge will be attended to.ext to the personal guidance from Mploy Associates, you will also receive daily training and support from your colleagues at our client.

What are we looking for?

For the Young Talent position Data Expert we are looking for graduates with different data related backgrounds, experiences and passions. To specify:

  • You have 0-3 years of work experience and want to learn everything about big data and the processing of these kind of data;
  • You want to put your data related knowledge that you have gained during your master into practice (e.g., Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace Engineering or another related study);
  • You have experience with programming in SQL or at least are an expert in working with large data files;
  • You are ambitious, self-reflective and dare to be confident in an authentic way;
  • You do not hesitate to use your analytical skills to solve complex problems in a creative and logical way;

You are energized by stakeholder management and you are well adept at gathering reliable information.

What do we offer?

We offer the opportunity to become an expert in the field of data analysis, where we train you in a proven way to excel into a high-end professional. Needless to say, excellent working conditions are of great value to us. This includes the following:

  • Working 4 days a week at a large bank or insurer in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague;
  • Developing yourself 1 day a week in-house with personalized and professional coaching and training;
  • Regular fun team activities with the other Young Talents; think of escape rooms, drinks and dinners;
  • An international working environment with Young Talents from all over the world;
  • The possibility to obtain a work permit when required: we are an official visa sponsor;
  • Pro-deo Young Talent projects with socially relevant NGOs;
  • The opportunity to take the next step in your career with the client after successfully completing the Young Talent program;
  • A competitive salary, performance bonus and great secondary benefits/secondary employment conditions;
  • A public transport card and OV-bike.

Application process

First, you will be invited for a career coaching interview at our office to talk about your ambitions and get to know each other. After a successful completion of the initial interview, we will present a number of Young Talent positions based on your qualities and career goals. After a preparatory assessment, we invite you for an in-depth interview with the relevant bank or insurer, after which we will definitively decide whether our Young Talent position is the right choice for you.

The start

Every 3 months a new group of Young Talents starts within our program, with the possibility  to join earlier or later. In consultation with you we look at the best moment to start, depending on your graduation and other significant factors.

In conclusion: Are you working on your thesis or have you already graduated and are you ambitious to develop yourself into a Data Expert within the financial sector? Then please send your resume to We will make sure to respond within two working days. We are looking forward to meet you!