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Internship position PGGM Private Equity

Your function

As an intern, you will be actively involved in the PGGM Private Equity team, based at PGGM’s headquarters in Zeist, the Netherlands. You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, both in the context of deal execution and monitoring of investments. Main tasks include:

  • Support the team in the due diligence process for new investments, including review of the process documentation, performance analysis, benchmark analysis and preparation of investment proposals;
  • Assist the team in monitoring and reporting of investments including review of the performance of the existing portfolio and various day-to-day tasks.

Your department

PGGM Private Equity is a leading global private equity investor with around €10 billion under management. It has a mandate to invest globally in private equity funds, secondaries and co-investments. On a yearly basis, the team invests around €2 billion.

The Private Equity team consists of 18 FTEs with backgrounds in private equity, investment banking and consulting. The team will continue to grow over the next years.


For internship positions, we are looking for best in class team members that are in the process to obtain an academic degree (MSc or equivalent), preferably in Finance, Business, Economics, Econometrics, Engineering or Math. Internship positions are open to students both in the bachelor and in the master phase of their studies. Most important competencies include:

  • Distinctive academic results combined with extra-curricular successes;
  • Excellent quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Solid work ethic and motivation level;
  • Strong team player;
  • Fluency in English both verbally and in writing is prerequisite;
  • Registered at a Dutch university during the internship and/or have an EU-citizenship.

What we offer

  • The opportunity to work in a highly dynamic and international working environment at an influential asset manager;
  • Obtain relevant working experience by actively supporting the team both on execution of transactions and monitoring of investments;
  • 3-6 month full-time internship;
  • An internship allowance.


Do you want to know more?

Applications should include your CV, cover letter and transcripts of university and pre-university grades.In the Netherlands it is legally required to be enrolled at a University during your whole internship period.

Additional information
If you have any questions, please contact Tim van der Weert, Campus Recruiter (030 – 277 2151 or tim.van.der.weert@pggm.nl)

Junior Operations Specialist

Have you always wanted to work in the dynamic environment of a bank? Are you interested in financial products, how they are registered and how they are reported? Then read on, because the position of Junior Operations Specialist could be an interesting first career move for you.

What do you do exactly?

In the role of Junior Operations Specialist, you are part of the Operations Process. You will work on registering and monitoring transactions. In addition to registering transactions, you are also expected to identify potential improvement points and submit them to management. Hereby, it is important that you engage with different stakeholders.

Where you will work?

Bright Young Professionals is the junior label within BrightStone Group with many young professionals who have followed a master’s study, have 0-2 years of relevant work experience, and are ready to start their career or to take their next career step at an international company.

BrightYP employees are highly talented (international) professionals who are selected on the basis of competences and academic results. As a Bright Young Professional, you automatically participate in a Bright Academy. This gives you multiple training in hard and soft skills. Think of productivity training, communication training, or learning a programming language. You will also receive intensive guidance from a Field Manager of BrightStone Group. Nothing stands in the way of your development!

The profile of a Junior Operations Specialist

A dynamic and international environment is waiting for you. This also means a lot of career opportunities in the first phase of your career. However, you are expected to be able to deal with the workload and to keep many balls in the air at the same time. In addition, it is important that you have a critical eye and that process-based work suits you well. Does such an environment appeal to you and do you have the ambition to learn a lot? Then you fit well in the profile of a Junior Operations Specialist.

What is required?

  • You have completed an economic study at a university of applied sciences or university;
  • You are analytical;
  • You have resolving power;
  • Good command of spoken and written Dutch and English;
  • You have knowledge of Excel.

What do we offer you?

  • A challenging tailor-made growth path;
  • One-to-one guidance and career counseling by a Field Manager;
  • Good primary and secondary employment conditions;
  • Access to the Bright Academy and an online learning environment;
  • You will become part of our Bright Community.

B2B Sales Trainneeship – Perfect Entry Level (International) Sales Role

You want to build a successful career in (international) sales. But how? It’s not only hard
work, it’s understanding the psychology of the decision maker. How do directors,
shareholders and investors think and behave? What do you say and what don’t you say? In
our B2B Sales traineeship you will learn the ins and outs of communicating at the highest

What’s the learning process?

You get an intensive one-on-one and small group trainings from successful colleagues who
started in the same job. The learning curve is steep; our hands-on approach means you will
learn from experiences and mistakes and by listening to the seniors working besides you.
You will master conversational techniques, create scripts, manage your own sales pipeline
and convince the right prospects on the basis of good arguments. More specifically;
• How do you find and reach the decision makers
• How do you get past the ‘gatekeeper’;
• How do get a decision-maker interested in your pitch;
• How do you overcome objections;
• How do you talk and negotiate price;
• How will you close deals;
• How will you celebrate your successes!

Where can you learn this?

At ECR Research! In 40 years we have built an independent research company from scratch.
We are selling our research to professional investors, bankers and other board members in
the financial world. A tough audience to convince but we are successful and now have over
3000 readers globally. You will work with 40 ambitious colleagues and a team of dedicated
sales professionals in a modern and inspiring environment in the heart of Utrecht city center
(above the ‘Bijenkorf’ department store)

What do we ask from you?

A higher level education is beneficial, but not a must. We also urge candidates who are
taking a gap year from their studies and would like to gain valuable work experience to
respond. You are ambitious,  tenacious and have an interest in global economic and political
developments. You have ‘the gift of the gab’ and speak excellent business level English.

What do we offer?

During your traineeship the ‘2-year development program’ is leading, you will go through
intensive training and all steps of the sales cycle to develop into a successful account
manager. We offer a fulltime contract with a fixed salary and an attractive bonus scheme
that will grow with you. Besides that we offer an employment package with interesting
benefits and a young and international team with a company drink every Friday afternoon to
close the week.


Would you like to hear more about the B2B Sales Traineeship? Contact Esther Salomé: 030-
8201227. To learn more about ECR Research visit our website: www.ecrresearch.com or send
your application (CV and motivation letter) to jobs@ecrresearch.com.

English Sales Internship

Get more out of your Internship!

Do you want to learn how to deliver a powerful pitch that can convince your audience? Do
you want to learn how to understand the psychology of the decision maker? How do
directors, shareholders and investors think and behave? What do you say and what don’t you
say? In our B2B Sales internship you will learn the ins and outs of communicating at the
highest level by email, telephone and face to face

Who are we?
In 40 years we have built an independent research company from scratch. We are selling our
in house research to professional investors, bankers and other board members in the
financial world across Europe. A pretty tough audience to convince but we are successful and
have a growing client base of over 3000 readers globally. You will work with 40 ambitious
colleagues and a team of dedicated sales professionals in a modern and inspiring office
environment in the heart of Utrecht (above the ‘Bijenkorf’ department store)

What’s the learning process?
You get an intensive one-on-one and small group trainings from successful colleagues who
started in the same role. The learning curve is steep; our hands-on approach means you will
learn from experiences and mistakes and by listening to the seniors working besides you.
You will master conversational techniques, create scripts, manage your own sales pipeline
and convince the right prospects on the basis of good arguments. More specifically;
• How do you find and reach the ‘decision makers’;
• How do you get past the ‘gatekeeper’;
• How do you get a decision-maker interested in your pitch;
• How do you overcome objections;
• How do you give professional online demo’s;
• How will you negotiate price and close deals;
• How will you celebrate your successes!

What do we ask from you?
You an ambitious student of a HBO of WO program and would like to gain valuable work
experience (preferably for a period of 20 weeks or more). You are a (near)native English
speaker and are keen to fine-tune your business communication skills. If you are looking for
a graduation work-project, we will gladly explore the options at ECR with you. You are
ambitious, tenacious and have an interest in global economic and political developments.
You will be working in a results-oriented environment, you have a go-get mentality and you
have excellent communication skills.

What do we offer?
– Internship compensation of € 500,- per month (full-time)
– In addition, an attractive bonus based on results
– Pleasant work environment in the heart of Utrecht (above ‘Bijenkorf’ department store)
– Daily feedback to make everyday a learning experience
– Flexible start-date and interesting career opportunities after the internship period ends
– Working in a young & international team and close each work-week with Friday afternoon

Would you like to hear more about the this internship? Contact Esther Salomé: 030-
8201227. To learn more about ECR Research visit our website: www.ecrresearch.com or send
your application (CV and motivation letter) to jobs@ecrresearch.com.

Graduate Trading Program

Interested in trading, developing trading strategies, applying AI and/or machine learning techniques and being on the edge of your seat while making decisions? Keep on reading! We offer you the opportunity to become a successful Trader at a world-renowned trading firm.

Flow Traders is at the intersection of finance, cutting edge technology and scientific research. Financial markets have made a rapid shift from trading in the pit towards algorithmic trading, and our firm has developed into an entrepreneurial and team driven FinTech Company.

As a Trader you manage and optimize our daily positions (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products including ETPs, bonds, derivatives, FX, crypto’ s and complexly structured products together with the Traders on your desk. You will formulate innovative trading strategies and, in close collaboration with our Software Engineers, develop trading models and tools that allow us to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and adequately.

As we do not expect you to have any far-reaching trading or finance knowledge upfront, we offer you an extensive onboarding program of 3 months. You will learn about our core business, the financial products we trade and the mathematics required to price them. You will also go through trading simulations and quantitative classes given by our Senior Traders. Gradually, you will take on more responsibilities, start monitoring markets, making split-second portfolio adjustments, and you will finish your onboarding program with a real trading project with other graduate Traders.

After your onboarding, you will be assigned to a trading desk based on your skills and interests. From that moment on you will start developing into one of the following trading areas:

Spread Trading
Focus on pricing challenging financial products that require impeccable risk/reward trading decisions.

As a Spread Trader, you will use statistical models to price and capitalize on expected price movements of a wide range of asset classes. This form of arbitrage is often less speed dependent. The edge comes from determining the true price of these products better than the rest of the market. You will constantly evaluate the risk/reward associated with your trades and positions based on robust statistical analysis combined with years of trading experience.

Quantitative Trading
Focus on applying Mathematics, Statistics, Probability Theory, Machine Learning techniques (e.g. deep neural networks) to create profitable trading strategies.

As a Quantitative Trader, you will work in a team consisting of Quantitative Traders, Traders and Quantitative Researchers to optimize existing trading strategies while learning how to ultimately develop your own trading ideas. You will back test, optimize and implement it in the trading engine to convert simulation results to a profitable trading strategy. Interest in Machine Learning Techniques and AI, experience is an advantage;

Tech Trading
Focus on optimizing our trading software in close collaboration with our Product Managers and Software Engineers. You will lead the process of the development of new tools that will improve several trading desks on the trading floor.

As a Technical Trader, you will use in-depth knowledge of market structure and algorithms to create strategies and setups that enable us to trade a large range of products effectively. You will create new approaches to automate trading and develop setups that resemble the strategic approaches of a screen Trader, allowing us to trade orders of magnitude faster, and in many more assets than would be possible with manual trading. Finally, you will provide guidance to our development department regarding the continuous development of our in-house trading software, using experience obtained from analyzing our automated trading, to improve our trading strategies.

Screen Trading
Continuously quoting bid and ask prices and making split second decisions based on movements in the market.

As a Screen Trader, your primary responsibility is to act as a market maker in a group of products. This can be based on high frequency trades on exchange, or requesting one of our counterparties to show a price off exchange. By offsetting all the different flows you will try to optimize the spread between buy and sell prices. In order to do this as efficiently as possible, we continuously have to improve on all fronts, for example developing new pricing models.

What you need to succeed:

  • University degree, preferably in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Engineering, Finance, Technology or related;
  • Demonstrable interest in trading and global financial markets;
  • Keen interest in IT systems, and an affinity for development languages (C, C++, Python, JAVA, or similar);
  • Innovative & creative high potential with excellent mental arithmetic and analytical skills;
  • Competitive, communicative and able to deliver under pressure;
  • A distinct ability to spot arising opportunities and the assertiveness to seize them;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Maximum of three years’ work experience.

We Offer
Flow Traders offers you an exciting job within the most dynamic environment. We like to think that talent grows at Flow and stays at Flow. To ensure this, we provide our employees with a great, non-hierarchical working environment with many opportunities and fantastic perks, such as:

  • Competitive salary and annual discretionary bonus;
  • Flow Academy for continuous learning;
  • We have our own in-house bar, gym and boat;
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and amazing coffee;
  • Table tennis, pool table, arcade and console games;
  • A yearly company trip and Christmas party that exceed expectations;
  • Fun team outings during the year;
  • Rotation within and between our offices worldwide;
  • And many more.

Recruitment process
Flow Traders recruits on-campus at several universities in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. Please check our events calendar on our website to find out if we are hosting an event at your university. It is highly recommend to attend one of our presentations!

  1. Apply through our website with a CV and convincing cover letter;
  2. A numerical test and a capacity test;
  3. A phone interview with a Recruiter with a focus on motivation and cultural fit;
  4. An interview with a Recruiter and a Trader with a focus on core business knowledge, brainteasers and skills;
  5. A case-study interview in our Amsterdam office, conducted by two Senior Traders.

For more information, please email careers.amsterdam@nl.flowtraders.com. If you do not receive, a confirmation email after applying on our website, please contact careers.amsterdam@nl.flowtraders.com

Meet Traders from our Team: BramAlexVictor.

About Flowtraders


Internship “Market analysis and business case development Wings for Aid”

TechForce Innovations is assisting communities of businesses, knowledge institutions and public partners in financing of and market development for innovative product-service combinations. Our star project at the moment is “Wings for Aid”, which has gathered a lot of media attention in the last few years, see also: www.wingsforaid.org.

Wings for Aid is an impact-first network organization that makes state-of-the-art, yet affordable technology available to international aid organizations that act after a large earthquake, flood or other type of natural disaster. A UAV-based transportation system with the total capacity of a large airplane is made available to bridge problematic ‘last miles’ (up to ca. 250km) in humanitarian logistics. Absent or damaged infrastructure will no longer be a barrier to reach people in need. Partners in the network combine all the required knowledge and experience to achieve this goal. Wings for Aid will offer the system as a service proposition, thus putting innovation at the forefront of humanitarian logistics.

Wings for Aid service delivery model

Although Wings for Aid is setup as a foundation, it has an entrepreneurial spirit that is aimed at further development and international scale-up. There will need to be a sound drive for ‘profitability’ as a social enterprise, which leads to increased interest of both investors and potential clients. The intern will be asked to perform a market analysis for Wings for Aid to better estimate actual demand and opportunities for the new technology applications inside and outside the international  humanitarian aid sector.

This market research includes the following:

  • Collecting and analyzing data to estimate market size and target groups;
  • Estimate added value of the new application for users and other stakeholders in the logistic chains;
  • Investigate alternative market strategies;
  • Analyses of business cases: expected sales, profits, cash flows, etc.
  • SWOT analyses, including competitive landscape.


  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Academic background – preferably in a (international) business or economic related study
  • Affinity with innovative technologies
  • Willingness to learn and ability to work under (time) pressure
  • Fluent in Dutch and English
  •  Good writing skills and attention to detail

What we offer:

  • Internship with many challenging and dynamic aspects
  • Exposure to international environment, working with different types of organizations and (business) cultures
  • Support by experienced project managers and consultants
  • Opportunity to contribute to interesting innovation projects

How to apply:

Please send your CV and motivation letter to: WFA@techforce.nl
For questions, please call TechForce Innovations and ask for Sasa Marinic or Jeroen Speelman at: +31 35 6229660

Analyst Investment Services

This international bank is a leader in banking and financial services in Europe. The Group employs more than 185,000 employees. Our Group has two complementary core activities, providing strategic strength and assuring the bank financial solidity: Retail Banking & Services and Corporate & Institutional Banking.

Thanks to the global network combined with the local expertise, we unlock business opportunities across the world for our clients.

This bank is one of the highest-rated asset servicing banks in the industry. With a local presence in 34 countries across five continents and a global custody network covering over 100 markets, this bank assists her clients around the world and offers them a unified service range of all asset classes.

In Utrecht we are currently looking for a full-time:

Analyst Investment Services Professional

The position

The Analyst supports the administration and handling of Transactions, Net Asset Value calculations, corporate actions, collateral management, portfolio compliance and other core processes within the department.

Given the global nature of the business, there is a close corporation across locations as part of a unified global team servicing clients in each locations.

The Analysts Investment Services professional has full accountability for the following:

  • Responsible for the timely completeness and exactness of the client positions/transactions in SimCorp Dimension
  • Prepares standard reports for other departments/client
  • Maintains internal/external working relations for data delivery and operational questions
  • Identifies differences and solves these with the right prioritization
  • Work on continuous improvement of workflow and processes.
  • Contribute to deliver operational excellence to clients
  • Contribute to gain recognition from clients for high quality service delivery
  • Assist in furthering the development of the business by analysing and helping to evaluate impact of market changes.
  • Perform analyses and do the administrating on basis of work procedures.

The requirements

Type of education required: Master Degree in Finance, Accounting, Audit, Technical.

Type of experience required:

  • Able to signal bottlenecks in own activities and report more complex matters to Team Leader/Head of Department
  • Knowledge of reporting systems and internal procedures
  • Experience required of standardised processes and Dimension activities within Administration Investment Services
  • Knowledge of Dutch securities market practices and regulations;
  • Knowledge of equity and fixed income products as well as derivatives;

Key Technical Skills / Knowledge; general competencies:

  • Computer/IT skills (mainly Excel, Visual Basic);
  • Preferably experience in SimCorp Dimension;
  • Organized and ability to work autonomously.
  • Able to have a helicopter view overseeing the complete process chain of an instrument
  • Flexible and must be able to switch between work as a result of changing priorities.
  • Fluent in Dutch and English (spoken and written)


You can always contact us: dorien.gijsbertse@brightstonegroup.nl or 0615174900

Finance & risk data analyst (junior)

Our client is an international financial services provider, with its roots in the Netherlands. From their cooperative basis, they connect people and share knowledge. They are active in the fields of banking, asset management, leasing, insurance and real estate. In the Netherlands, the emphasis is on broad financial services. Internationally, our client focuses primarily on the food and agribusiness.

Your role

As a Finance & Risk data analyst you are responsible in the External Reporting & Management Accounting department for providing reliable financial information for the internal organization. Figures are analyzed from different sources and processed in dashboards. Your work also forms the foundation on which senior management makes decisions.

The requirements of supervisors and the internal organization are changing rapidly. This means that the finance function is also in transition. Where the emphasis was traditionally placed on producing reports, it slowly shifts to the directing of data streams and the monitoring of data quality.

Your tasks

Within a reporting team you collect data from different sources and perform checks and data validations. If you find inconsistencies or errors, you return to the supplying party to find a solution. Once the data is complete and correct, you prepare the financial reports about an entity. Then you examine the largest shifts in the figures. On the one hand, you determine whether these are right and right, on the other hand you are looking for an explanation for this. After delivery of the figures, the emphasis is on other activities, such as participation in projects, making process descriptions and implementing process improvements.

The way in which you make a contribution to the changes, you have a big part in your own hands. You have the right skills, such as knowledge of financial products and affinity with IT. But also soft skills, for example persuasiveness, customer orientation and a proactive attitude are of great importance to be able to do your work well.

The department

The External Reporting department is part of the Data and Risk Center (DRC). Within the bank, DRC is the natural partner and sole source of delivery for all Finance & Risk data for internal decision making and regulatory compliance.

Many young, ambitious colleagues work at DRC. There is a lot of work, but there is also a lot of attention for personal development and informal contact with colleagues.

We ask

  • You have a completed Master in Business Economics, Business Administration or comparable training;
  • You have relevant work experience for 0-3 years;
  • You are familiar with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • You are eager to learn and quickly gain knowledge of the financial processes within a bank;
  • You have experience with Excel;
  • You are analytically strong, proactive, independent, customer and result oriented and a real team player;
  • You have excellent communication skills in Dutch and English;
  • You easily make contact with colleagues and have persuasiveness;
  • You are flexible and know how to handle changes.


In addition to the two core competences ‘Working together’ and ‘Focusing on Customer’s interests’, you recognize the following competencies within yourself:

  • Independent and substantiated judgments;
  • Communication power;
  • Initiating improvement;
  • Change force.


You can always contact us: dorien.gijsbertse@brightstonegroup.nl or 0615174900

PGGM Analyst credit and insurance linked investments

Analyst Credit and Insurance Linked Investments

Your function

As an analyst in the CILI team you will work with a midsize team of experienced investment specialists. Your role will be to work closely with the investment professionals and learn on the job. You will contribute to deal due diligence activities, the analysis of transactions, providing analysis to support the management of the team’s portfolios, and actively contribute to high-quality reporting across the board. You will start with a focus on the Credit Risk Sharing transactions and at a later stage it may be possible to expand your focus to the Insurance Linked Investments mandate as well.
In addition, you will be responsible for monitoring a selection of existing investments.

Your department

PGGM is a Dutch pension fund service provider responsible for managing the pensions for different pension funds, their affiliated employers and employees. Credit & Insurance Linked Investments (CILI) manages two unique mandates for our main client, pensionfund PFZW. One mandate is the Insurance Linked Investments mandate which invests in exposures to natural catastrophe risk.  The other mandate is Structured Credit, which invests in credit risk sharing transactions with banks.
We invest worldwide and as a team we are international as well, with currently seven different nationalities. Within the team and across the mandates we look to work together on multiple fronts.


The Credit Risk Sharing mandate is to a large extend about understanding credit risk. Having experience in assessing credit risk will be very helpful.

The ideal candidate:

  • has a master degree, for example in econometrics or economics
  • has strong analytical skills and is a fast learner
  • is eager to understand the underlying reasons
  • is an open personality and strong communicator
  • can write and speak English fluently
  • having one or two years relevant experience, could be an advantage

What we offer

  • the possibility to work in an ambitious and highly experienced team
  • the possibility to contribute to two unique mandates that continue to grow in size
  • international focus and continuous developments and innovation
  • a professional working environment with many opportunities to develop yourself

Want to know more?

More information? Contact Irma Bousardt, Sr Recruiter, by whatsapp +31 (0)6 30339754, or by e-mail: recruitment@pggm.nl.

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