Industry X Workshop

Industry X.0 is about combining emerging, connected, and smart technologies to digitally transform an industry. It is a strategic approach that helps clients leverage advanced technologies to reinvent their products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, accelerating operational efficiency, and enterprise-wide growth. The optimal mix of technologies enables huge cost savings as well as creates new sources of revenues. 

Event details

Date10 December 2020
Time14:00 – 16:30
LocationVirtual – Microsoft Teams

Why is Industry X relevant?

Current changes in the world are challenging the way we survive the ongoing turmoil and have accelerated the need for embedding intelligent solutions. It is now crucial to understand how intelligent technologies deliver connected products and services for customers and a hyper-personalized experience for a digital workforce. Further, we must apply this to manufacturers and product companies, service organizations, and software companies, to fuel their next level of growth. Applying the right mix of advanced technologies will help businesses realized the full impact of their digital investments, enabling them to achieve cost savings and create growth through new sources of revenue.

What will you learn?

You will learn about the versatility of Industry X and the value it can bring to different industries. An IX consultant’s role is to work together with clients to set up a strategic vision and approach that helps leverage advanced IX technologies. An optimal mix of these technologies will enable clients to reinvent their products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, accelerating their operational efficiency and enterprise-wide growth.

What skills/knowledge area will you acquire?

You will learn that it’s not about the technology itself, but more about how you apply the technology into an integrated solution. We will show you how we use discovery workshops to identify the right business case for our client and how we recognize which technologies to apply, such as AR/VR, a Digital Twin/Thread, or a Connected Factory in the right fashion. Further, we will also discuss ways to entirely reimagine the product itself as clients transition from traditional manufacturers to service providers. 

What are some activities within Industry X for an analyst in Accenture?

  • Helping clients design personalized customer experiences and better worker experiences and productivity
  • Frequently preparing workshops or live demos on various IX technologies to show our capabilities and offerings via real-life applications and use-cases
  • Supporting and setting up discovery workshops
  • Creating new projects in one of our 8 different offerings covering IPP (Intelligent Products & Platforms) and DMO (Digital Manufacturing & Operations)