Wealth Inequality – Leader Lecture by MC Economics

Join us on Teams on the 2oth of April at 19:00 for a Leader Lecture about Wealth Inequality!

Especially for USE students, two speakers will give you a lecture from a Sociology perspective as well as from an Economical perspective.

Prof. dr. Bas van Bavel is a professor and researcher. His research revolves around the development of succesful societies: which institutional values are needed to construct a well-functioning society?
Prof. dr. van Bavel will give a lecture with the topic: “Wealth inequalities in historical market economies, and in the present one”

Simon Toussaint is a PhD candidate at the Utrecht School of Economics where he is researching the dynamics of the concentration of wealth.
Mr. Toussaint’s lecture is build around the topic: “The dynamic of wealth concentration since the 1980’s”

Afterwards, the members of the Master Community Economics will host a discussion to talk about the information from both lecturers.

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