Career Day

The Economic Career Day of 2019 is getting closer. This year it will be held on the 21stNovember at the Zilveren Vosch in Utrecht. It is an event which welcomes all students but is highly encouraged for 2ndand 3rdyears and masters students. 3rdyears and Masters students will receive an academic free day to attend this event. The day programme involves students being able to attend to a variety of workshops, presentations and an information market hosted by various different companies sourced by our team. The presentations will inform you about the companies, will give you an idea about the career possibilities within the business and will give you the chance to ask questions. On the information market you will get the chance to broaden your network. Next to that there will be the possibility to get your CV checked professionally. We are looking forward for your subscription so save the date and see you there!

Start your career well-prepared and subscribe for the Economic Career Day at Don’t forget to include your CV to have it checked and to be possibly invited for a personal interview with a recruiter.