Master Business Committee

We organise activities for the students in the master programs of Business Development & Entrepreneurship, International Management and Business & Social Impact.

About us

Being a part of the Master Business Committee is all about interacting and connecting with people from the business masters. You and the other people in the MBC organize activities for students within the business master programs. Not only do you meet and talk to a lot of different people during these activities, you also build a close relationship with the others in your MBC. 

Within the Master Business Committee, each of us has a separate role. However, we organize most activities together and you are by no means bound to only doing things related to your role. The current roles are divided as follows:

During 2020 and 2021, organizing these activities took more creativity than it ever did before. The first time we gathered with our MBC, we did so online with many of us not having met in real life before. However, this did not hold us back and we quickly build a great connection and came up with (partly) online activities for the students in our master programs. Examples of the activities we have hosted so far are:

An online version of the social deduction game Werewolf. Since we are unable to play any game in real life, we decided to transform this game into an online variation. With more roles and information than in the normal game, students tried to win the game through both deduction and deception. Daily participation meant that students were often in touch with each other.

For the holiday season, we also hosted a Secret Santa. Students were randomly matched and bough each other a gift. To get to know the person for whom you bought your gift, this event was combined with an Online Speed Dating event in which students from different master programs got to know each other.

Currently we are also setting up an online event on entrepreneurship. We have invited multiple entrepreneurs from different fields to share their thought and experiences on the 9th of February. Everyone, not only business master students, can sign up for this event. Please do so at the events page

If you have any ideas for future events during this year, please feel free to fill out our survey. We take your considerations very seriously.