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BrightStone Group

The (B)right way of working

At Bright YP we specialize in kickstarting the careers of the Brightest (international) talent for
our clients (for example: banks, insurance companies). How we do this? We understand
what (international) talent wants! We have a unique process in place where we find, connect
and develop our Bright Young Professionals. We’ve learned that when finding the perfect
match for our Bright talent, soft skills are just as important as hard skills. That’s why we
invest in getting to know you!

BrightStone Group

How we work

Do you want to know how we work? Meet Eric, our newest Bright Young Professional! Eric is looking for a challenging job in an international environment.

1. Personal invite – Eric recently graduated his master in Finance. When Eric was searching for an international career opportunity, he received a message from one of our consultants! Eric is invited to our office in Utrecht.
2. We want to get to know you! – It’s the day of our meeting! No need for nerves; we just want to get to know Eric better. During this first meeting we will discuss who Eric is, what gets him out of bed in the morning, what challenges he is searching for and what Bright YP is all about.
3. Introduction to our client – Wow! Eric really impressed us. Now we better understand who Eric is and what he wants. We discuss with him some options for challenging positions at our clients. And you know what!? We introduce him to one of our clients today!
4. Prep-time! Help! – Great news! One of our consultants informs Eric that our clients wants to schedule an interview with him next week. Panic! No worries we are here to help.
5. D-day! Interview time – Eric’s interview is today! He is really nervous but luckily his Bright colleagues are here to support him. Go for it, Eric!
6. Great news! – Our client was very impressed by Eric and wants him to join their team. Eric will now start his career as a Bright Young Professional! Well done Eric, lets kickstart your career!
7. Working at BYP – You will get the opportunity to follow hard- and soft skill courses at the Bright Talent Academy. Thereafter you will have different evaluation moments with one of our colleagues and with your manager of the company you work for to talk about your development.

Join our BYP Community today!

Join our team! At BrightYP it’s not all about working! We think it’s also very important to build a BYP Community together, and we do that with all our Bright Young Professionals working across different clients and sectors. We don’t only work hard, but also play hard! We often get all of our Bright Young Professionals together for fun events, drinks or other social events.

During our events there is plenty of time to meet your peers and share your stories with each other.

For more information: www.brightyp.com/

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