Books & Summaries

Study Association ECU’92 is the place to order your books for all your courses at the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E). All students who follow courses at U.S.E. can order all required literature throughout the year via our website.

At the beginning of each period, you can pick up the books you ordered at ECU’92 on the pick-up days or have them delivered at your door. As a member of Study Association ECU’92 you will receive substantial discounts, making it the cheapest place to buy your books. So, make sure you become a member of ECU’92 before ordering your books.

The bookstore remains open throughout the period. However, if you don’t order your books before the pick-up deadline, you cannot choose to pick up your books at ECU’92 anymore. You can still order your books for home delivery.

Pick-up days: Orientation week, September 15th, September 16th, November 15th, November 16th, February 7th, February 8th, April 25th and April 26th.

How to order

ATTENTION: If you are an ECU’92 member, you have access to a member discount. To get your discount you have to log in on our website and access the bookstore through your homepage (you can also log in by clicking here).
  1. For period 2 of the academic year 2021-2022 the book sale opens the 4th of November. If you want to pick up your books at ECU’92 you have to order before 16:00 the 11th of September. If you want to have your books delivered at home, you can order whenever suits you best.
  2. Go to the webshop by clicking here.
  3. Click on ‘Order’. Then select bachelor or master and your year and period. If you’re not sure about the required literature you can check the Utrecht University Course Catalogue to be sure
  4. The first time you order with us, you have to register on the bookstore website (Note: Your ECU’92 login is not the same as the bookstore login). Making an account on the bookstore website is free.
  5. Now select the books you want to order.
  6. Fill out all the required fields, select pick-up or delivery, select your payment method and pay for your books.
If you have any general questions, send an e-mail to For any specific questions (payment, cancelling, returning, etc.) send an email to to


Are you somewhat behind with studying or do you just like to have all the important material needed for your exam bundled together? Buy a summary at ECU’92. Members receive a two euro discount on all summaries!

Summaries can be bought and picked up at the ECU’92 frontroom (Spinoza 1.14), during opening hours.