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Board members


Chair – Janna Anne Dommerholt
Vice Education

Main responsibilities
Long term policy
Development of Board members
Committees: Honours, Activities & Conference

Secretary – Annemarie Steutel
Vice Co. Internal Affairs

Main responsibilities
Membership Administration
Committees: Yearbook
Communities: Business, Economics & Finance

Treasurer – Larissa Bruin
Vice Co. External Affairs

Main responsibilities
Financial administration
Financial policy
Reporting to Treasury Board
Committees: Firsttee, Sporttee, Investment & LBE

Co. Internal Affairs – Job van Merode
Vice Secretary

Main responsibilities
Committees: Marketing, Club ECU’92, Introduction & Editorial, Foodtee

Co. External Affairs – Luuk Eberson
Vice Chair

Main responsibilities
Labour Market Orientation
Partner management
Committees: ECDU, Ski trip

Co. Educational Affairs – Lara Spaans
Vice Treasurer

Main responsibilities
Student Governance
Books sale
Academic relations
Committees: Conference, StIB & Book Foundation

Former Boards

ECR Flowtraders Kasparov ACM