Graduates from U.S.E. who were a member of ECU’92, automatically become an ECU’92 alumnus/alumna. ECU’92 organizes events for you to reconnect with your fellow graduates and teachers.

Join our Alumni LinkedIn group and become part of this extensive network.


ECU’92 encourages all alumni to become benefactors and to stay involved in the development of the association. The benefactorship system offers various packages for benefactors:

  • €10 Basic benefactor package. This package grants 3 exclusive benefits to the benefactor. Firstly, a VIP access to the Economic Conference Utrecht with front row for benefactors. Secondly, the access to the networking drinks that will be organized after the Conference with the ECU’92 Board and other present alumni. Lastly, the benefactors will be added to the LinkedIn ECU’92 benefactors network.
  • €25 Standard benefactor package. The standard package includes an annual ECU’92 related gift, on top of the basic benefactor package benefits.
  • €60 Premium benefactor package. The premium package grants the same benefits as the standard package. Moreover, the benefactors who opt for this choice will be personally invited to a dinner with the current ECU’92 Board and other premium benefactors.

Become a Benefactor